whiskey sour

October 16th 2021

a vegan RAWR CHAI whiskey sour in the making

created by the legends at Whippersnapper Distillery, this vegan-friendly version of a classic whiskey sour is the perfect way to enjoy RAWR CHAI throughout the summer months – in moderation, of course


what you need:

30ml black RAWR CHAI  (a scoop of RAWR CHAI original brewed in 300ml of hot water for 2 minutes)

45ml Upshot Whiskey 

30ml lemon juice 

20ml aquafaba (the water from canned chickpeas)


what you need to do:

vigorously dry shake all ingredients together in a cocktail mixer

add a generous scoop of ice and vigorously shake again

strain the now silky-smooth micro-foamed concoction over a large ice cube in a fancy lowball glass

add a stripe of RAWR MORE sprinkles and sip away!

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