the magic of ginger

April 1st 2021

this fugly looking underground rhizome has deep rooted – pun intended – origins in south east Asia, being widely used in cooking and medicine for thousands of years before being exported across the world with the rise & fall of many a civilization. But with its ever-increasing popularity, why has this humble little thing stood such an incredible test of time?

is it because it tastes so damn good? Or could it be its digestion-aiding, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea super-powers!?


yes! Believe it or not, ginger really is magic and here’s just a handful of the many reasons why…


with its abundance of volatile oils that contain the active component gingerol, it can help with muscle soreness, swelling & the associated pain. It’s regarded as an excellent carminative and helps to soothe the intestinal tract (nice!) and although nobody quite knows why, yet, ginger reduces symptoms associated with motion sickness; nausea, dizziness & cold sweats. It’s even reported to help with mild cases of morning sickness, although it is best to speak to a health professional about this first!


so, whether you’re suffering from indigestion, joint pain or your partners driving skills are making you physically sick, lol, a good dose of RAWR Chai that’s absolutely PACKED with fresh Aussie ginger – the highest amount of ANY chai brand out there, might we add – will do you the world of good!


get your paws on our multi award-winning RAWR Chai original here!

fresh Australian ginger, to be used in our sticky vegan chai

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