summer ready

December 14th 2020

with the weather going crazy, why not #DoMoreWithChai and create an awesome, flavour-packed RAWR Chai cold brew that you can play with over the summer months!?


all you need is a bag of RAWR Chai (any blend), some filtered water, your RAWR plunger and an all-important fridge!

RAWR CHAI cold brew prep

how to do:

stick a 25g scoop of RAWR Chai into your RAWR plunger


pour 500ml of cold, filtered water into this


stick the lid on but don’t plunge it yet, cheeky


pop your now full RAWR plunger into the fridge and allow the flavours to mingle for a minimum of 12 hours – even longer is better


et voila!

your RAWR Chai cold brew is ready to enjoy!


try it on it’s own, with gin & tonic, ginger beer or even coconut water – get creative!


show us what you get up to on Insta – tag us @readytoRAWR

an icey glass of RAWR CHAI cold brew
a RAWR CHAI and Upshot whiskey hi-ball

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