Perth Underground

December 2nd 2020

the uber-cool gang at Perth Underground were in attendance for our combined 4th birthday AND launch party of the RAWR den at the beginning of september. Tasting an abundance of chai-infused goodies, they got up close & personal with owner Richie to find out what his motivations are, what led to the creation of RAWR and what our exciting new Chai Bar concept is all about!

RAWR owner, Richie, chatting at RAWR's fourth birthday party

“Looking for more beyond a safe flat white? Do spice infusions and chai blends pique your senses? Then the new bar opened in West Perth dedicated entirely to the art of chai is sure to entice you!

In a combined launch and anniversary event, the RAWR den opened its doors earlier this month giving a taster of the savoury and sweet treats to come and demonstrating the surprising versatility of chai.”


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spice up your cup and visit our iconic space soon!

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