we are the flavour ninjas

here to save mere mortals from bland taste,

false claims

and unoriginal recipes

armed with super-strong wrists, unbeatable sass & our trusted tools from the chai gods, we vow to protect you from the archaic tricksters who dare to sell you mediocre, sugar-laced concoctions, and share with you our highly decorated set of elixirs that have kept the world of RAWR safe & prosperous for aeons

join the growing legion of taste warriors who take refuge in our highly advanced world, that hides in plain sight

in what was once a red brick factory of sweet confection thrives a neon haven full of delicately balanced flavour combinations that are so powerful, the concept of who, what or even when you are doesn’t exist

ask around, try and find us. If you’re truly worthy, the universe will guide you through the incredible power of scent, directional signage or the mappage of the Googles

until then…