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February 13th 2021

RAWR CHAI original's Great Taste award 2020
RAWR FUSION turmeric's Great Taste award 2020

we’re proud to announce that
RAWR Chai original
was awarded 2 stars from the Guild of Fine Food
at the 2020 Great Taste awards!


“This is a beautifully balanced chai with well-judged spicing. The warmth of ginger dominates, but not in any way to the detriment of the other spices. To drink as it is, we feel the sweetness is spot on and the coconut sugar means it is a gentle kind of sweetness.”


fun fact:

RAWR Chai original was the highest scoring entry of any product from Australia in 2020!

we’re proud to announce that
RAWR Fusion turmeric
was awarded 1 star from the Guild of Fine Food
at the 2020 Great Taste awards!


“We were expecting a big hit of savoury spice, but were really pleasantly surprised by the balance of the spices, with just the right level of turmeric heat; the natural hints of sweetness were really enjoyable, even if you usually prefer a much sweeter drink.”


fun fact:

RAWR Fusion turmeric is the first & only turmeric latte powder from WA to receive any award!

judged by over 500 of the most demanding palates, belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, buyers, retailers and producers, as well as a whole host of food writers and journalists, Great Taste is the world’s largest and most respected food accreditation scheme


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a HUGE thank you for your continued support, turning what started as a passion into an multi award-winning range!

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