a RAWR celebration

October 20th 2020

on Saturday the 5th of September 2020, RAWR celebrated it’s 4th birthday and the delayed (thanks to Ms. Corona) launch party of Australia’s ONLY dedicated Chai Bar – the RAWR den


thanks to an EPIC collaboration between RAWR, Whippersnapper Distillery, That Little Gelato Cart & Feral Brewing, the night was full of fun and, most importantly, FLAVOUR! Check out the pics and more info on what went down below

Whippersnapper Distillery

these awesome guys were serving up three signature RAWR Chai & whiskey cocktails for our guests –  White Russian, Chai Hi-ball, Whiskey Sour – using three of their signature whiskeys; Upshot Single Barrel, Crazy Uncle Moonshine & Crazy Uncle Moonshine Barrel-aged – they went down a treat!


check out whippersnapperdistillery.com to get your paws on their selection, book a tour of their East Perth distillery and much more!

That Little Gelato Cart

Dan was the gelato man who cooked up an exclusive RAWR Chai gelato that was completely vegan! with complimenting gelatos in both pistachio & cold-brew coffee, guests were encouraged to and try “tutto gelato” – wich means all the gelato – and get into some NEW flavour combinations


visit thatlittlegelatocart.com.au for more info on this great business run by people with a genuine passion for what they do!

Feral Brewing

for those who were all whiskey’d out we had a selection of batch release beers from the Perth icon that is Feral Brewing! Although we would have LOVED to play with a RAWR Chai-infused Dirty Biggie Juice, there wasn’t enough time! Maybe in the future? Who knows.. watch this space!


check out feralbrewing.com.au for more on their awesome selection and visit them in their Swan Valley Brewpub

serving vegan RAWR CHAI ice cream at RAWR's fourth birthday party

Cam Dobie Photography

the photography for the night was, as you can see, incredible. The essence of the night was well & truly captured in a unique style and we LOVE IT!


Cam Dobie is a local photographer who’s passion lies in working with small, unique businesses, capturing their process in action and getting up close & personal shots of their product


browse through the rest of the nights photo’s here and check out Cam on Instagram – his work is AMAZING!

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